Friday, October 15, 2010


I have been working on little 2.5x3.5 ATCs for fun and had some 6"x6" gesso boards that I got out my acrylics and did some similar ptgs. Also had some small 300# scrap WC I have been dong my version of abstracts which is more about color than anything.I wanted colorful small things for a Christmas sale coming up in November. I am having so much fun with these that I am going to hopefully go bigger with more complex themes and color... haven't been able to totally get away from the figurative but it is a start...Have a great day


  1. They are lovely. You are such a talented and versatile artist. I'm always amazed by you. I thought by WC paper you meant water closet paper. That's what we call it here in the Netherlands.

  2. Intesting concepts and colours. They do look like fun and would indeed lift one's spirits just looking!

  3. Thanks for looking Ladies! Have a great day