Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hi I don't have any pics to post today.I wanted to let Nora know I took those pictures of the mountains from my front yard and the cloud pics are from my backyard. I live in a beautiful place that used to be quiet and rural but is now being developed with lots of subdivisions. But the views are basically still there. When we moved to our tiny house on an acre 28 years ago there were less than 2000 people here. Now there are 18000 and projections of 25000. That is just in our incorporated Highland. All of the little towns here south of Salt Lake City are growing horribly. Although I love our property the road out front is so busy it takes me 10 minutes sometimes just to get out of my driveway. I would say that this area has never been friendly but is even less friendly now. No reason except people are not trusting of people who are not of the predominant religion. I would like to move to Salt Lake City which is just 30 miles north and yet so much more tolerant and diverse. But since the economy is will be a while so we hope to do some cosmetics to the house and outbuildings, get some decent gardening done and if we can get enough $$ we will build a studio here for me. Although I really like my rental space. And I keep taking pictures of the mountains and clouds.
I am still working on the little ACEO paintings for the December Christmas Show and Sale. I ordered some 8x10 " mats with 2.5x3.5 openings and will probably cut some 5x7 mats too. I have the protective sleeves for the little paintings. I am also doing 6x6 and 5x5 paintings on gesso board and hope to do more small canvas ptgs too.
Hmm I have very large watercolor paper cut for something new..I did a few sketches..maybe I will get pictures of those posted with this post...tell me what you think...very large drawings with the main figure in a low value color with lines in sumi ink.


  1. Despite the traffic and the development, which are really a darn shame, you have wonderful views. It's too bad that you have to share them with a multitude of people with a restricted religious point of view. That would make me feel uncomfortable too.

    Whatever you do with you art is fine with me. I don't feel qualified to advise you. I love everything you make. The big and the little. You are so talented. You should have a one woman show.

  2. Love what you are doing in these jottings...the negative space looks quite 'electrified' with the rapid lines on your paper. Keep going.
    Don't'd mis the views!

  3. Je vous envoie des grosses bises et continuez de nous faire rêver avec votre peinture...