Friday, September 17, 2010

Newest drawing..Sept.17,2010

This one is called "Swallows Over the Oquirrhs (Two Pugs, A Black German Shepherd Dog and Sweet Peas)" 16"x20" on Canson Artboard.
The Oquirrhs are a small mountain range in the Utah West Desert area. And the pups are my babies.
I am being influenced by Naturalists artists of the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries..Audubon,
Thomas Seton, Darwin,etc. and a fun book of Animal illustrations from the 19th century. Of course I am twisting them up a bit by placing the animals in idealized or strange surroundings..I see this getting stranger as I do more.
My project in the studio today will be gold leafing the areas around the single animal paintings on 10 4"x5" canvas. Hubby is going to build the frames from some molding I bought wholesale. Hope to have a few pics tomorrow.
I am planning 6 further pencil drawings..this time on 8"x10" museum board. I have matte black wooden frames with white mattes and glass that I found at the craft store on sale.
I should go to gallery stroll this evening. I will see how I fel about going later.
Open Studio at Poor Yoricks is this Sept. 24th and 25th. I have a lot to get done!!! Like cleaning and rearranging the studio!


  1. Très joli tableau... J'ai peint il y a quelques années quelques carlins... je leur avais dessiné de merveilleux bijoux...
    Mes félicitations... J'aime aussi beaucoup Audubon avec sa faune et sa flore... Bisous

  2. It's a lovely drawing and you got the general impression exactly right. It is like looking and an old illustration. Well done you!