Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last day of open studio.Friday night was fun but no sales. Good feedback but no money!! I was in despair over my bad knee that night. I was in major pain after standing and talking about my art all night. I really was thinking about throwing in the towel. No job, no sales, and a painful knee. But today was a turn around and I sold enough to pay one months studio rent!! The girl in the studio next to me sold over $10,000 in abstract paintings!! Wow so happy for her. She sold 30.00 the last time and nothing the time before that...patience and hard work won out.So in spite of the bum knee and no was a good day.
The 3 framed and 1 wolf painting sold..the Hare drawing was everyones favorite.


  1. Oh votre lapin! Je cherche Alice... du pays des merveilles...
    J'espère que votre genou va mieux. Ne vous faites pas de souci en ce qui concerne les non ventes.
    Je ne suis pas sensible à l'art abstrait et je ne dois pas être la seule! Bisous

  2. Congratulations on your sales. Funny how they work isn't it. I sold three not too long ago that I was going to throw away...they didn't even get a chance to hang in gallery and they were gone.
    Love the hare also, he just sits there and invites you to look at him!
    Can't imagine selling $10,000 in work! Wow!

  3. Congratulations on your sales. Persistence pays.