Friday, July 9, 2010

July 9,2010

I haven't been here for a bit. I did a plein air competition last week and felt better about what I produced. Four 8x10 oils in a few days. It was hot but easier since I went small and quick. I didn't win anything or sell anything but that is ok. I connected with some fine artists and enjoyed the dinner with them. Today I got back into my studio and started painting one of 2 Iris paintings. Not abstracts but I wanted to do some of the planned paintings and while doing them I hope to work out how to start doing something different. I have 2 other planned paintings and 4 wooden cigar boxes that I want to paint and create checkers games for the insides. I also have two more wooden "altar" pieces that I planned and have never gotten I will work on those. I have decided to try to keep the studio space for a while. It takes me so long to dung out and organize spaces so I have space in my home. I need a place to teach classes and it would be great to create that space at home..but to do that means getting the oldest son to pack up his belongings in the basement, for me to completely clean out the other basement/laundry room and move some items to those spaces. Then Hubby will create a wall and door for the large room I want to use so I can keep kitties out and keep students in their own space with no distractions.
Just a lot of work. I spent time at home doing a lot of nothing. Hanging out, taking naps, reading magazines,generally recharging the old batteries. Now I feel like working again. I will be teaching the watercolor class again for community education, and I still have the watercolor workshop to attend, I will be tent camping to afford that one!
So here ae my 4 little paintings. They do look nice in my living room with their 3" mahogany plein air frames.


  1. Love these four paintings. It brings such warm memories of our favorite places out West. Beautifully done!