Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan. 12, 2010

I am composing a large painting,(64"x40"). Thought I wouldn't do another large one for a long time but my idea just needs space! Been reading a book about the San Francisco Bay artist..Joan Brown who was doing the kind of artwork I love. So I am being inspired by her and Gaylon Hansen out of Washington State.  He is in his 80's and still painting. I saw his work a few years ago at the Salt Lake Art Center and I had an extremely emotional response to it.  Thanks to Sam Wilson for telling me to see that show.  Gaylon then had a talk and a slide show of at least 80 more pieces and it was amazing. He taught the likes of Gary Larson of cartoon fame in his years of teaching college level art.  So looking for artists to inspire me is ongoing.  I feel the need to not oversaturate myself with too many artists at a time.  

Starting to teach drawing classes at Roberts  Craft store in American Fork Utah on Saturday.  I was not trained to teach but I find it stimulating and daunting at the same time.  I want o inspire others to find their inner artist..but I have limited time to get them engaged and doing something they will like.

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