Thursday, June 13, 2013

I have been really remiss on even reading blogs..much less posting! I have been on facebook and pinterest, went back to work at the visitor's center on May 25th. Still getting knee back up to snuff...feels great today!
I have done some plein air and am in a new series of acrylic on YUPO..had to blow away hard drive on this old laptop and have to reload pics but here is what I have done lately 

Have a great day everyone.
Beach is Open
Feeding Frenzy
The Pier
The Island
Beach Party
Flying Before the Storm
Rocky Beach

Rockin Surf

Inlet Out

And best news ever...I will be Grandma for the first time in September..and no they don't want to know boy or girl!  My son Shane and his girl Alisa. Moved to Eugene Oregon in September...Happy day

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