Saturday, May 5, 2012

yesterday I went to the Utah Valley Art Show to see who and what had won prizes. Most of the winners didn't bother to show up! I do know they let you know by phone if you are being awarded something. It was part of an artwalk that I did not go on. There were plenty of interesting although amateurish paintings and drawings..and I have included myself in there! All who entered got in. I never look at this venue as a place to sell. It is in the Health and Justice building so people from all walks of life are there for various reasons and the art is something they see on their way to getting food stamps, dealing with health issues etc. So it is truly art for the people! I doubt any actual art buyers, curator types, gallery owners go to see the art..but it is a fun little show. All the prizes are money with a certificate and ribbon. Even the honorable mentions get $20.00! I did not get any this time. But that is fine. I won 3rd place 2 years ago. There were some nice encaustics, and an artist I like by Rebecca Willard. She does highly textured acrylic landscapes in whimsical colors and shapes. Ran into a young man who I knew from the University. He worked only in graphite doing portraits from photos. Although he is very skilled I think he felt out of place and soon was gone without a word. He was there with his wife/girlfriend? and he had a table set up to promote his art. he had 2 pieces in the show and wanted $4000.00 each for the drawings. He as I said is skilled and seems to have gotten a bit more creative in his compositions..and he is making a living apparently!!! This does speak to the community in general here in this county. Very religious, family oriented, Republican, insular. They love paintings of white Jesus, Joseph Smith and LDS temples. Young Anthony's work fits with what they love. Some days I wish I could command real $$ for my paintings but I cannot do the type of art that sells here..well..will not do. My mantra is "I do what I want to do" and it probably keeps me from breaking through the barriers!! The idea I came away with was a punch card featuring photos of details of some art from the venues participating in the art walk. You find the paintings, get your card punched and win an IPAD! I was thinking this could be a fun thing for our open studios. Today it is cold and windy and I plan on painting some small "Mother's Day" cards for my Mom and sister. I looked at the store yesterday and really felt like I could do better..or at least it will be original!!! I will post photos of these when I get them done! In the meantime you can see young Anthony's work at and and Rebecca Willard's art on Facebook.(Becky Willard)
Have a great day!!!

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  1. De très jolies cartes qui vont honorer toutes les mamans du monde...
    Gros bisous