Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 27,2010

A pic with me and Mr. Zhen.."We are friends now." he said. His version of unfinished horse watercolor painting and my unfinished horse watercolor painting..I messed up and today I proceeded to finish it and ruin it! No photo yet of that. But the neat thing is we used only 3 colors...amazing what you can get with 3 colors.


  1. Yep. Sometimes unfinished is finished, eh?

  2. Actually most of my half decent paintings have been done with limited palette. Think I will return to this three colour idea again....three primaries and white!
    Thanks for sharing and for reminding me of the wonderous results to be achieved with limited palette. Of course, my attempts will never be in the same gallery as yours.
    What a wonderful and beautiful style you have!